Using Health Issues as Excuse to Hurt

        After a neurologist found a blockage of the ventricles in the center of the brain life was never the same. I was expected to run the business, take care of the house, and after a while, find a way to take care of the bills with, what amounted to no money coming in. I was not allowed to make more than $800 a week If I did Social Security would cut off the only source of income that we had for the rest of the year. It was a no-win situation.

At home, I was belittled and told things about a previous time in my life that I thought I knew the whole story about. Come to find out what I had thought happened was a total lie. The person I thought I knew so well, after surgery, began to brag about the things he had done, called me someone else’s wife, and told me he never loved me, I was just somebody to take care of him because he couldn’t take care of himself. When he came out of surgery he was not the same person who went in.

In my new book, Tempy faces a similar situation. What would you have done, if anything, to deal with this situation?  Have you ever faced a situation like this? Does this give anyone the right to hurt another person?

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