One way Relationships Hurt in the End

This topic hits home for me. For a long time, I lived with a person who said they loved me but in the end, he did not. All he wanted was what I had or what he thought I might have one day. People who knew us both tried to tell me what was going on but I was not ready to listen to them or anyone else.

In today’s blog post, Tempy has to deal with the same type of situation as I did. Everyone always says write about what you know. Well, this book is full of situations that are similar to what I had to live through. They are not meant to point a finger at anybody, they are meant to help me deal with what happened to me and maybe give my book a little flavor.

Tempy always thought Tom loved her and would do anything for her but over time she found out that he never did love her. He pretended to care about her to get her to make love to him. When in reality he just wanted to have access to everything she would get or he thought she would get in the future. Tempy never knew people like Tom existed. She knew that people could be manipulative but never knew anybody could be so mean as Tom was to her those last three years.

If you have been or know of someone who has been in a relationship like this how did you or they deal with what they were going through? Did they have someone to talk to, or had the other person isolated them from everyone that might have been able to help in this their time of need? Abuse is not just physical it can also come about as psychological, talk to someone you trust, it really might save your life. You may not see the abuse as abuse but if it makes you feel bad inside, it is abuse.

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