Older Women Today and Job Market

    After a certain age women are no longer seen as beautiful. Men want people around them who are young and vibrant. At 40 it is supposed to be against all the rules to refuse to hire someone because of their age. So, employers use the excuse you have too much experience. Then when they are pushed and asked for an explanation it becomes you might find something else and move on elsewhere. My favorite of all time is, “you might get bored, this job is for those that are just starting out.” Really, older adults need jobs too. Some are looking for something to do with themselves and keep their families afloat. People over 40 have bills to pay just like those who have just come out of the local college.

When you are young the excuse is you don’t have any experience, when you get to a certain age or they just don’t like the way you look, it becomes you have too much experience. Which is it, Social Security has backed up the retirement age, so older women need a job to keep themselves going until they can retire, and possibly even longer. They may not be ready to give up their freedom.

What has been your experience with the working world? Have you or someone you care about had to face this situation happen to you while getting back into the workforce recently?

“Follow your dreams because they will not follow you back!”

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